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The new Scandinavian restaurant “Kattegat” in the center of Kyiv is a themed establishment that transports you to the atmosphere of the Viking era, mythology, mysticism, and fateful prophecies. Here, you can exclusively taste dishes and cocktails from the 9 realms, which were consumed by the Scandinavian gods of the Pantheon.

Each item on our signature menu has its own story closely intertwined with the restaurant’s theme. For instance, only in our restaurant, you can try the “Youthful Apples” – they were carried in her basket by the goddess Idunn and offered to the gods of Scandinavia to rejuvenate and prolong their lifespans. True aficionados of raw meat won’t be able to resist the piquant snack “Thor’s Hammer,” which, according to legend, endows anyone who tastes it with the courage and invincible strength of the Vikings.

Every Friday and weekend we celebrate “Mystical Entrance”. On these days after 18:00 guests are treated to treats from the bar and kitchen, sometimes famous bands perform with live ethnic music and you can ask for a hint from the runes – yes, we can interpret the language of the Scandinavians. Therefore, take the opportunity to get your rune of the day from the bag and listen to its prophecies. Every guest can see all the runes on the walls in the restaurant’s halls.

They say that real Vikings gather their strength here before battles, encouraging each other with shouts of “Skol!” – a promise to stay alive, conquer, and drink from the enemy’s skull in the evening. Meanwhile, the beautiful goddesses on our summer terrace savor the offerings brought to them, filling themselves with the energy of beauty and love.

So, we’ve prepared a lot of mystique and delicious treats for you. We look forward to welcoming you at the address: 15 Shota Rustaveli Street, in the “Kattegat” restaurant! Entrance is through the arch, and then follow the longships. We are open daily from 12:00 to 22:00.

The history of the restaurant’s creation

Just two years ago, Denis and Anna Maklashevsky had a desire to open a restaurant that would stand out with its extraordinary philosophy and corresponding presentation of all their knowledge about Scandinavian mythology and the true history of the Vikings.

Denis is a heathen and runologist who spent some time living on an island in Denmark to immerse himself in Danish culture, while Anna has long been fascinated by stories of Freyja – the goddess of fertility, harvest, and love, as well as passion and sexual energy.

And now, their shared dream has become a reality at the address: 15 Shota Rustaveli Street – the Scandinavian restaurant “Kattegat” (entrance through the arch, then follow the longships).

Restaurant Locations:
Entrance through the arch, then look for the landmarks by the longships
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Mon-Sun: 12:00 – 22:00
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